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Βusiness Ιntelligence and
Social Innovation
research group

The Business Intelligence and Social Innovation (BISON) research group is part of the University of the Peloponnese. The BISON research group mission is to bridge the gap between society and technology to improve quality of life and work.

The BISON members are involved in research and development projects in:

1. Societal transformation and Quality of Life

2. AI-driven Decision Making

3. Digital Transformation and Leadership

4. Interpersonal Skills and Technology-assisted Skill Training

5. Design Thinking

6. Human Behaviour and User Experience

7. eGov, Inclusive and Secure Societies

The BISON core scientific expertise and educational involvement include business intelligence, AI, human technologies, societal and citizen inclusion, data analysis, recommender systems, usable security, usability, accessibility, and knowledge management.


Dionisis Margaris

Assistant Professor

Dimitris Spiliotopoulos

Assistant Professor

Thanos Kriemadis


Dimitris Koryzis

PhD Student